A safe & convenient battery charging system for urban environments

Our stations are designed for easy installation in a wide variety of settings making e-mobility battery charging safer and easier than ever before.


The Charging Problem


Electric bikes and scooters have become increasingly popular, especially in urban environments where they offer an efficient and rapid means of transportation for the delivery community. 


In 2022 over 1 million e-bikes were sold in the US, up from 880k in 2021 and 440k in 2020.

Unfortunately several cities have also seen a surge in the number of fires caused by the Li-Ion batteries that power these devices.


A key contributor to these deadly fires is the lack of safe charging infrastructure.  Batteries for e-bikes are frequently charged in homemade racks and without the necessary protection or monitoring.

About the CHARGE SAFE team

Jason Poure

With over 20 years experience Jason is a builder of industrial design and hardware organizations that create holistic design solutions for a wide range of problems.  An award-winning designer, Jason has led teams to receiving three Red Dot Awards, the Core 77 Design Award and was an IDSA finalist. 

John Consiglio

John is an experienced product development engineer specializing in new technologies and working with complex global supply chains. As an engineering leader he has designed and brought to market innovative products in the medical, consumer electronics and connected hardware industries.

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